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MrET - Figure

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"I pity the fool who phone's home."

MrET collectible figurine. 3" polystone figure in awesome, retro, action-figure packaging. MRET'S FINGER AND HEART GLOW IN THE DARK

Popmash - Genetically Modified Pop Culture.

Fame and pop culture are rapidly growing out of control. Experts predict that at the current rate, by the year 2020 everybody on the planet will be famous.Economies will collapse. Society will be in disarray. Television will be really awful. We need a solution to this problem before it’s too late. POPMASH is that solution. Popmash scientists reckon that by genetically combining two famous things, we can reduce pop culture by 50% and save the planet for another 100 years.

Tags: popmash, humour, male,
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