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Bad Taste Bear Rewards

Do you ever find yourself thinking “that is a great bear but I just don’t have the cash to get it at the moment”? Well fear no more as we are happy to announce that we will be providing all of our very valued customers their very own Bad Taste Bear Honey Pot in which to squirrel away Bad Taste Bear Reward Points for a rainy day. It is up to you how you spend your Reward Points whether that be to get a bit of discount on your next purchase or save them up until you can get 100% discount meaning that you can get a bear of your choice completely FREE!!!!

Reward points are available on almost every product in the online store at and can be spent on almost anything BTB.

How to start your Honey Pot: 

  • You purchase an item.
  • You earn Reward Points in return.
  • Redeem Reward Points for a cheeky discount on the next bear that takes your fancy or squirrel them away to make bigger savings even as much as 100% discount!

Earn Reward Points

Reward Points are available on almost every product at

If you want to maximise your Honey Pot potential then the best way to do this is to become a Bad Taste Bears Club Member as Club Members receive 10 times as many Reward Points per purchase as non Club Members equating to earning 10% rewards back on all eligible purchases.

Non members receive 1 point per £1*

Club members receive 10 points per £1*

If you are a BTB monthly subscriber all of the bears you purchase via the subscription will be eligible for an extra 50 Honey Pot Points per bear

We will also be offering Reward Points in special Maximise Your Pot promotions, competitions and surveys.

Redeem Reward Points

Reward Points become active as soon as your order has been completely processed (dispatched).

Each product will display how many Honey Pot points are necessary to purchase that product. To use reward points on your order you will need to go to your online basket rather than using the quick checkout. At check out you can choose how many points you would like to attribute to your order. Either part payment or payment in full - simply add them to your online basket.

Each point has the equivalent cash value of £0.01*.

* Please see our Terms and Conditions for information on Non VAT customers.

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