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If there is one thing that sets Bad Taste Bears apart from other collectables it is the vibrant BTB Community which has built up over more than 10 years. Whether you are a BTB Veteran or Virgin you are always welcome in the BTB community where there is always a friendly Club Member or Oddco Adviser on hand to have a chat about anything BTB.

There are many ways to connect with the Bad taste Bear Community so feel free to make contact via any of the methods below.

Visit the BTB ForumIf you are a die hard bad taster then there is really only one place for you to chat everything Bad Taste Bear and that is on the official Bad Taste Bears Forum. The Official Bad Taste Bears Forum is Club Members only so you will need to registered to the Bad Taste Bears Collectors Club until you can gain access. The BTB forum is populated by the friendliest and most knowledgeable Bad Taste Bear peeps you will find anywhere in the world.

Like Us on FacebookIf you are a Face Book addict then be sure to like our Official Bad Taste Bears page to ensure you get your Bad Taste Bear fix.You can find our official Face Book Page at


Follow us on TwitterDo you spend  your days twittering to the world? Well so do we so be sure to follow all of our bad taste tweets you can find us @BadTasteBears be sure to use the hash tag #badtastebears so everyone can share in the Bad Taste Twittering.


If you want to know what the gang at Oddco are up to apart from and including Bad Taste Bears be sure to check out our company Instagram We have added also added Instagram gallery to the btb website click here to see the gallery. If you would like your picture to appear here just tag your piccie#badtastebears You can also tag all of you photos to appear on individual bear pages just hash tag btb followed by the name of the bear ie #btbhank.


Check out a massive archive of Oddco and Bad Taste Bears on our Flicker pages.



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