Bad Taste Bears FAQ

Much as it's nice to receive messages, we do often get asked the same questions. With that in mind, please take a moment to consult the answered questions before getting in touch.

Q.I have a bear that doesn't look like any other - is it legitimate?

There's nothing to stop anyone altering a figurine, however, offering modified Bad Taste Bear figurines for sale has always been discouraged. This is to avoid the situation where someone believes they own a genuine studio rarity when in fact it could simply be a regular piece with a coat of paint.

Somewhere along the line, someone could be taken advantage of.

Because of the number of figurine designs and variants thereof, we can't be certain of the authenticity of any oddities. However, there are various online communities surrounding the Bad Taste Bears. To check whether your Bad Taste Bear figurine is legitimate, there are two recommended websites. www.mybtbdb.com and www.bearonlinestore.com/ibtbdb. Both are invaluable resources for Bad Taste Bears info.

Q.What's my Bad Taste Bear worth?

Prices on the secondary market fluctuate, and are therefore difficult to gauge. However, there are various groups on social media, Facebook etc. where advice on prices is given freely.

Q.I have an idea for a Bad Taste Bear, can I send it to you?

By all means, draw your idea and email it to us at info@badtastebears.co.uk, however, you'll probably find an appreciative audience at one of the online communities where similar minded people exchange ideas, thoughts and comments.

Q.How do I commission a piece of Bad Taste Bears art?

Tell us what you want, how big, when you need it and an indication of your budget.

There's no fixed price guide because it all depends on how long it takes to do a good job. If your budgetary limitations are tight and you ask for an army of bears in fancy dress fighting off hordes of the undead dressed in sequinned ballgowns, we're going to have to reach a compromise. Talk to us at info@badtastebears.co.uk.

Q.Where can I buy Bad Taste Bears?

The new Bad Taste Bears material developed by Nemesis Now has landed in retail stores!

There is a list of current stockists here. However, because new names could be added at any time, check back often.

Q.Is there a Bad Taste Bear with my name?

If you visit www.mybtbdb.com or www.bearonlinestore.com/ibtbdb you should be able to search by name. Good luck.

Q.What was the first bear made?

Pete, the bear picking his nose, was the first Bad Taste Bears figurine, made by the first licensee, Piranha Studios, in 1999. The first Bad Taste Bear drawn was one with a bloodied chainsaw, eventually to become Nick, the seventh figurine from Piranha Studios.

Q.What are the bears made of?

The core product of the Bad Taste Bears range for over 15 years has been collectable figurines. They are made using the 'cold cast' process using polyresin which incorporates a mineral powder to provide weight and density. The Bad Taste Bears have also been made in other materials like plush fabric, chocolate and precious and semi-precious metals.

Q.Is there a Collectors Club?

Yes and it's free to become part of it! Simply email us with your name to receive informative emails and advanced previews of exciting developments, amongst other Bad Taste Bear stuff!

Q.Can I get my Bad Taste Bears signed?

In support of the Bad Taste Bears brand, Pete Underhill offers his presence at organised events and gatherings. Over the years there have been many such occasions which have in turn fuelled the growth of a strong community of Bad Taste Bears fans and collectors.

We're working on a schedule for future events and signings. RIght now you can contact us and let us know that you wish to sign up to the Bad Taste Bears Club to receive advance notice.